Adventures in Kobold Hall

Lord Warren Requests Assistance

It’s late afternoon. The party finds themselves in front of the Nentir Inn. The dinner crowd is starting to roll in. Lots of chatter and music abound. Waitresses and beer wenches running to and fro, serving the patrons.

Upon entering, the guard inside immediately warns the dragonborn and tiefling that they will be watched CLOSELY, and personal squabbles best not rear their head. Soon after being seated, they are approached by Lord Warden of Fallcrest. He knows Quinn, Soothy and Flint well.

Upon noticing the tiefling and dragonborn additions to the group, he comments: “I see you’ve found yourselves some replacements for your recent losses.” He then goes on to tell them about Kobold Hall, and the trouble that it is causing. Caravan Ambushes, livestock stolen from local farmers, etc. He offers the group 10gp for each dispatched kobold, and an additional 100 gp if they bring proof that the ruins have been cleared out, such as the bone mask worn by the kobold leader.

He also adds that while most believe that this is nothing more than kobolds doing what they do best, Nimozaran the Green believes there is something far more sinister at work here.



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