Adventures in Kobold Hall

Arriving in the Nentir Vale

Our stalwart heroes find themselves in the Nentir Vale, in the city of Fallcrest. Quinn, Soothy Selacious, and Flint have known each other for about a year, taking odd jobs wherever they could. The nature of these jobs run the gamut; anything from clearing out the locals latrines (an activity which Flint in particular seems to enjoy thoroughly), to the occasional clearing of a vermin problem from someone’s cellar.

A few months ago, our intrepid party picked up Ghesh, a Dragonborn skilled in the art of smashing barrels, and Faland, a particularly inept Tiefling rogue, who has an affinity for falling from walls. These two new additions were replacements for two members they had lost in a recent excursion into the local butcher’s basement. He had a cockroach problem that hadgrown out of control. These cockroaches were much tougher than the group had expected.



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